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2012 at the Cove

In June 2008 the New York Times published its list of 31 places to visit that summer.  I don’t know what will be on their 2012 list.  Doesn’t matter.  We don’t have to wait.  Secret Cove, the heart of the sunshine coast, is the place to be.

Here’s what the NY people had to say back in 2008:

The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia certainly lives up to its name. Averaging upward of 2,400 hours of sunny skies a year, the resort area is two hours northwest of Vancouver and is dotted with scenic restaurants, hippie cafes and arty shops. Despite its popularity, the region remains pristine because the coastline is largely accessible by boat only. Kayakers will find marine life galore, including phosphorescent plankton that glow during moonlight paddles. Sunbathers will find long stretches of sandy beaches, lagoons and rocky tide pools. Lodging can be found near the town of Sechelt ( An affordable little resort called Rockwater Secret Cove (; 877-296-4593) has its own beach, with rooms starting at 119 Canadian dollars.