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Flare Magazine 2012 Romantic Escapes

Flare Magazine identifies five “sexy getaways to light your fire.  They include Marrakech, Barcelona, Big Sur, Dolphin Island (Fiji) and the Sunshine Coast  (mostly referring to Secret Cove).  Here’s what they say:

We know what your thinking – Sunshine what?  And yet, from safari-chic tent accomodation to casual-cool oyster bars, this West Coast gem – a 40 minute ferry ride from the mainland- offers plenty of sexytime inspiration.

SLEEP  If Edward and Bella’s treetop hopping set your heart aflutter – – you’ll love ROCKWATER SECRET COVE RESORT‘S glamping style tenthouse.  Accessed via a winding boardwalk, the suites offer a 360 view of the forest and ocean, so you can enjoy the vista from your in-room hydroptherapy tub or on you own private veranda….

EAT Make a reservation at UPPER DECK CAFE (open May – October) where you can take in the sunset uninterrupted – no candlelight required.  Set in SECRET COVE MARINA, the floating restaurant serves up fresh local ingredients in succulent dishes such as citrusy seaweed encrusted Halibut with root vegetable risotto.

PLAY Sample the galleries and shps around Gibson’s Landing, or stock up on home-baked goods at the Sunday market.  Sportive couples can also work up a sweat with a hike though the forested trails of Smuggler’s Cove Provincial Park, the spot of Prohibition lore – adventurous paddlers like to paddle off from this spot to explore the surrounding Islands…

Wherever you go on the coast, one this is ure: it’s easy to get carried away. – Catalina Margulis.

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for spring!


Winter is not yet done. The chair(s), on guard all winter are now teased with some warm February sun. Remember the warmth of February in Olympic year. The sun looks warm, but these slats are still cold on the butt.


The Islands of Secret Cove

The Islands of Secret Cove: TURNAGAIN, JACK TOLMIE, ECHO AND


 These four islands are all accessible at low tide by land due to their close proximity to the shoreline of Secret Cove.


Jack Tolmie Island is 1.5 acres in size and is the south side of the navigational entrance to Secret Cove. It was subdivided along with Tiki Island by the Hoffer family in 1963. Subsequently the Hoffers sold Tiki Island as one parcel and Lot 11 (Jack Tolmie) and the remainder of Jack Tolmie. Jack was the grandson HBC Chief Factor W.F.Tolmie, and a nephew of Premier S.F.Tolmie.

Western Eagle Enterprises, Inc. purchased Jack Tolmie Island in 1970 and  spent three years working with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways and the SCRD’s Planning Department, designing, planning and negotiating a 84 acre new subdivision on the mainland called the Tideways. Jack Tolmie was encompassed with the development.

Tiki Island’s water and power services were connected to the new subdivision’s infrastructure.

Turnagain Island is approximately 92 acres in size and comprised of three large lots, two of which are serviced by SCRD water and BC Hydro. There are two easements registered on title, one for utilities over lands on the mainland and for BC Hydro.

 Echo Island is a 3 acre lot and has water and power services from the mainland to one single family dwelling. There are multiple easements registered on title over other lands for right-of way for telephone, electrical, water and sewer lines.