Monthly Archives: May 2012

Pender Harbour Blues Festival

Friday, June 1 through Sunday, June 3:

9th Annual Pender Harbour Blues Festival.

Venues: Garden Bay Pub; community hall; PH School of Music

Tix: Copper Sky; Strait Music; Melomania; Gaia’s Fair Trade

Mother’s Day Weekend at Buccaneer Bay Provincial Park

This has got to be one of most beautiful sand beaches in all of Canada. On this warm sunny Mother’s Day Weekend it was practically deserted. Well almost!!!


Buccaneer Bay Provincial Park is a small marine park located on the sand spit on the southern tip of North Thormanby Island. It’s a 40 minute paddle from the cove. Access is by water only. This park has beautiful broad sandy beaches and warm waters.

Upper Deck Season Opens

Thursday, May 10, 6 PM: Upper Deck opens for the season.

Fabulous sunshine, but a little cool. Went with the Lake Breeze Sauvignon Blanc and baked Brie (with roasted garlic, cranberry and walnuts)!!! Yummy. Let the season begin.