Ruby Lake Resort

A late summer night provides as good an opportunity as any for a nice dinner out. The Ruby Lake Resort is one of a handful of ‘dining experiences’ on the sunshine coast.

It’s an Italian place, but not quite like your typical ristorante. It’s eclectic, sort of. The menu goes to Italian, wild game and fresh local seafood. Sounds diverse, but not really. The Italian food is essentially long noodles with a typical variety of sauces. No other choices like a risotto, lasagna, or a stuffed noodle – or even pizza. The food, however is nicely prepared and Interesting, I suppose, if you’re into the wild game thing. (I wanted to try the crab, but they had run out – early)).

The wine listing is a broad, but scant survey, of Italian wine. The non Italian wines are limited to a couple of pedestrian Australian labels. Too bad that no BC wines are represented, because this is such a quintessential BC setting.


What have we walked into? This place is weirdly beautiful. It’s an Italian rainforest hunting lodge, if that makes any sense. Lot’s of peeled logs and heavy wood furniture. Everything is heavy, but not at all dark. The patio opens up to a quiet lagoon, and the dining room has good views over Ruby Lake.


The Ruby Lake Resort is about 30 minutes north of Secret Cove on the Sunshine Coast Highway.

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