Monthly Archives: January 2013

One of the best little trails…

Out for a a walk to the beaverpond today, and decided to grab a path into the bush.  Turns out that it goes pretty much all the way to the beaver pond, and it’s one of the prettiest little trails we’ve ever been on.

moss meadow crest fern gulley


The base of the trail is a path of about 200 meters from the end of Secret Road to the right angle bend on Wescan when it approaches the cove.  The trailhead is marked at both ends with waterline markers as it follows the waterline as it crests a rock ridge between the two roads.

Follow the trail to the top of the rock ridge and then follow it towards the beaver pond.  It meanders through mossy meadows, fern gullies and little segments of rain forest.  Maybe 30 minutes and totally cool.


Rescue Fruit

The crab traps had been down for well over a day, overdue for harvest and recovery.

The boat fired up easily enough, but something sounded funny. It wasn’t taking its usual pee. Meaning the engine is water cooled and expels a strong stream of water out the back to expel the water AND to let you know the cooling system is working. No telltale stream means a problem.

My mechanical know how was taxed in about a minute. Whatever effort I made to unplug things, if that’s the problem, was not successful.

Oh well, backup power. The 8hp fired up no problem, and started to pee like the proverbial derby winner. Off the dock. It’ll be slow going but the traps need to be saved. Except…. I don’t seem to have any throttle. I have two speeds, idle and idle. Getting back to the dock was a treat.

Hmm. Throttle cable is jammed, maybe even a little rust. Calling upon all of my mechanical resources I sprayed everything even remotely connected with the throttle linkage with WD40. And success, the throttle works, albeit imperfectly.

And across the strait, at about 5knots, and not 25 knots.

Made it to the traps in about 30 minutes. Jackpot (well a small one). Guarantee of crab dip for the Green Bay game!!!