Jedediah Island Marine Park

Jedediah Island sits in the channel between Texada and Lasqueti Islands. It was owned by a series of owners for almost 100 years until the 1990s when the last owners, the Palmers, sold it to the government for park use (at a price they couldn’t refuse).

It’s a little tough to access. It’s about 10 kilometers by mostly open water from Secret Cove. Doable in a kayak. Just watch the weather. On the other hand it’s about 25 minutes by boat.

Our arrival is by way of Home Bay, site of the original farm.

The grass on some of the rocky points seems carefully manicured. “Grass, manicured”. This is a deserted Island. Actually the inhabitants includes a herd of feral sheep. I guess they are left behind from past farmers. They do a great job of mowing (and fertilizing) the lawn.

There’s those fuzzy lawn mowers now, running through the abandoned orchard.

You know it’s an abandoned orchard when the tree trunk has absolutely no innards, and still has branches and blossoms up top.

The farmhouse sits on a little rock bluff surveying all of home bay.

What a view from the farmhouse deck!!

On your way out of Home Bay check in with the attending sea lions.

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