Malibu Rapids

Malibu is situated at the mouth of  Princess Louisa Inlet. To get there we left the dock in Secret Cove and cruised for just over an hour through the Agamemnon to Egmont for gas and a coffee at the Back Eddy Dock.

Past Egmont we travel for about 2 hours up the Royal Reaches to Malibu Rapids. The scenery along the way is stunning – the granite soars vertically from the edge of the channel to mountain tops up to 8000 feet.

In all of this the Malibu Rapids, the location of Malibu Young Life (Camp) is a place of special beauty.  Princess Louisa Inlet pours in and out of Queens Reach on every tide. So much water flows through here that the currents easily exceed the cursing speed of many of the boats who can only transit the rapids during a slack tide.

The narrow strip of land that separates the Inlet from the Reach, and creates the rapids is a remarkable piece of real estate.  Young Life owns the property and during the summer months operates a summer camp for young people.  You’ve probably never been to summer camp like this one.  Some pics follow.

For more on Princess Louisa check out the blog from last years cruise to the same area.

DSCN6725 DSCN6729 DSCN6730 DSCN6734 DSCN6756

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