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World Class Transportation


Reportedly there are a few from Secret Cove who have ventured to the big city and beyond – even traveling internationally.

One of those travelers came back with a fantastical story. A story about travelers enthralled and captivated in the YVR departure lounge by the perpetual drone of cable news! How could a vacation or business travel get any better?

We’re a creative lot around here. Some even more so in an alcoholic or psychedelically infused haze.

Now we have it. Passenger service on the Sunshine Coast transit corridor is world class!

Reverse Engineering

The weather is great, but brings with it a new risk. It’s so hot I “need” to go swimming.

Problem is, once in how do I get my fat aging carcass out of the water and up on the dock, I need a ladder but have no clue. My solution is to skulk around on the yacht club dock and “reverse engineer” their design – it must be fancy.

Turns out their dock ladders are very simple. Ingredients: three 2x4s and a handful of screws. Now I can get in; and get out.





Waiting for Spring

Waiting for spring!


Winter is not yet done. The chair(s), on guard all winter are now teased with some warm February sun. Remember the warmth of February in Olympic year. The sun looks warm, but these slats are still cold on the butt.