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Dakota Ridge


Coastal Mountains haven’t seen a lot snow this year. At Dakota Ridge there’s just barely enough. No matter on a day like today. It was just like spring skiing (if you can say that about snowshoeing). Spectacular sunshine and warm temps.

Ever Feel Like a Mushroom ?

If you feel like a mushroom it’s usually not a good thing.  No one likes to be kept in the dark and fed shit.  When you start to look around at Mushrooms, at least around here, you realize what comes of these growing conditions.  Crazy diversity, beauty as well as stuff that’s really tasty or really toxic.






Just a handful of the many many mushrooms a few steps into the woods on the sunshine coast on an early November day.

People get so excited about mushrooms in these parts they even have a mushroom festival


Love that Isthmus

Sechelt is situated on a narrow neck of land, an isthmus, separating the Salish Sea from Sechelt Inlet.

There are some nice trails in Hidden Groves Park. The high point is Pine Bluff which affords a little obscured but still dramatic view down the inlet, across the isthmus and across the Salish Sea (Georgia Strait) to Vancouver Island (on a clear day).