I think the world has an infinite number of places with extraordinary beauty or grandeur. Usually it’s just a simple combination of rock, water, vegetation and weather. The infinity of these combinations is multiplied again by the uniqueness of the way each one of us will appreciate that setting.

I think that Secret Cove is one of the special places. But it’s more than just a natural setting. It’s also a place where people (not too many) live and work and play.

This blog is simply an effort to reveal and share this setting – the natural setting and the human activity – for others to enjoy.


2 thoughts on “About

    1. The folks at http://www.britishcolumbia.com report on the origin of Smuggler’s Cove which is right next door.
      The origin of the name Smuggler Cove is subject to much speculation. One theory holds that the bay was used by one Larry “Pig Iron” Kelly to pick up Chinese labourers to be smuggled into the United States after the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Another story is that the concealed cove was used as a transhipment location for the smuggling of bootleg liquor, produced on neighbouring Texada Island, into the US during the prohibition era. Given the cove’s proximity to Secret Cove, one can conjecture at some connection.

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