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An Infinity Pool – In it’s natural form

DSCN6332Here’s my inspiration for an “infinity pool”.  Today was a gorgeous day for a hike up Pender Hill with views down to Hotel Lake.

Pender Hill is also a great hike with boat access. Tie up at Irvines Landing.  A 20 minute waterfront stroll along Lee  Road brings you to the trail Head.  Another 20 minutes to the summit and you have fantastic views of Pender Harbour, down the Malaspina and across to Texada and Vancouver Islands.



Garden Bay Brekkie

Breakfast at Laverne’s
Just a few steps from the dock in Hospital Bay


The view of Hospital Bay is kitschy and kozy


A well marked path is good to find
Especially when it marks the route to the pub across the street in Garden Bay


Twin Bridges
If a only all pub routes had this kind of infrastructure


A difficult choice marks the end of the trail…