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Clams Done for the Summer

The great thing about the cooler times of year in this area is the easy access to clams and oysters on a number of beaches at low tide.  But the harvest of these “bivalves” can sometimes be unsafe. That’s because Bivalve shellfish can be affected by paralytic shellfish poison (PSP, also known as red tide) and sanitary contamination. Eating bivalves that havebeen affected by PSP can result in serious illness or death. Cooking does not eliminate the risk. To be safe check out the Fisheries website.

There is no clamming in the (secret) cove year round (too many people I suppose).  However, there are nearby clam beds nearby – just outside of Smuggler’s Cove and in Buccaneer Bay, for instance.  Buccaneer Bay is closed May 31 – September 30.

Mother’s Day Weekend at Buccaneer Bay Provincial Park

This has got to be one of most beautiful sand beaches in all of Canada. On this warm sunny Mother’s Day Weekend it was practically deserted. Well almost!!!


Buccaneer Bay Provincial Park is a small marine park located on the sand spit on the southern tip of North Thormanby Island. It’s a 40 minute paddle from the cove. Access is by water only. This park has beautiful broad sandy beaches and warm waters.