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Breakfast Visitors

Breakfast is almost always good.  Out of bed and ready to live another day.  Breakfast on the deck is even better, with an ever changing cast of visitors.

At first I thought this visiting Turkey Vulture was waiving for a piece of my muffin.  Not really.  Turkey vultures are often seen standing in a spread-winged stance. The stance is believed to serve a number of purposes from drying the wings, warming the body, and baking off bacteria.  In this case he had a nice open perch in the morning sun.

Cute and Psychopathic

You’re thinking cute.  I hate these guys.  First of all I planted a patch of lawn hoping someone would camp on it.  So far this is the only taker. Secondly, she has no fear of me and hangs out in the yard, whenever she chooses, eating whatver plants she chooses, which is just about everything.